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 I offer 1-2-1 coaching in a safe sacred place for you to overcome the difficulities you are currently facing and to find your true purpose.

I work intuitively offering support and understanding, whilst uplifting and encouraging you on your journey.

As an empowerment coach teaching the phylosophies of Louise Hay, I work with the power of positive affirmation.

My techniques and spiritually aligned practices will support women of all ages to become the best version of themselves.


Having myself been in a domestic abuse relationship and having no boundaries and low self esteem, I am proof that with the right guidance and support you can overcome the negative beliefs that are holding you back and create the life of your dreams.

If you are ready to step into your queen energy and "Own Your Story" or simply want me to hold space for you while you work on yourself whilst you are healing,  then please do get in touch.




E- mail me at [email protected] to arrange a free 30 minute consultation.


Weekly 60 min sessions thereafter is £45


Alternatively you can book a space now or join my next Self Love & Positivity workshop with a group of like minded women, also available in the shop.




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